Candidate FAQ

Where are your jobs located?

We currently provide details of roles located in London, New York and San Fransisco. We also offer remote work.

How does the £1000 reward work?

You will get a £1000 reward once you have accepted and worked in a role for at least 91 days.

What happens after I sign up?

Once you have signed up we will review your submission. After this if we are happy with your profile, we’ll contact you about the jobs that meet your criteria. If we are able to find roles that meet your criteria, we might invite you to take a Code Qualified Assessment, which is a short coding challenge. This is to make sure that you are truly judged on your ability and enhance your profile, rather than being judged on your CV writing skills.

How are Code Qualified Assessments structured?

We don’t do multiple choice or simple quiz like questions. All of our assessments are designed to be as real life as possible. You can complete the test via GitHub. There is no time limit for an assessment however the time it takes you to complete the test will be tracked.