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We make the recruitment process easier for you by only matching you with people who have been pre-qualified for both skill level and cultural fit. We’ll provide you with code samples, coding challenge results and our assessment so you can make a more well-informed decision for yourself!

Increase retention

Our candidates are upfront about their requirements & preferences and we do our best to make sure that we align their wishes and aspirations with the vision of your company, improving your retention rates.

Save time

You won't have to spend hours filtering through a mountain of CV’s. Your developers will be able to spend more time developing instead of designing programming tasks and interviewing .We make sure that we only introduce you to people who have been identified as Top Candidates for your Team.

About us

Who we are

Code Qualified was founded by programmers who were exhausted with the way traditional tech recruiters try to pressure candidates to accept a job and push unsuited candidates onto companies.

Our beliefs

We Don't believe the CV is a very good predictor for on-the-job performance for software developers.
Code speaks louder than words - what someone is able to produce, and how likely they are to enjoy their work are far more important factors.

Making winners

For a hire to work out, everyone needs to win: the candidate must get a job they will enjoy and feel they are fairly paid. An employer must feel they are getting a good candidate at value for money. If either side feels short-changed, it will likely not end up being a happy relationship.
We want to optimise placements for maximum happiness for all parties involved.

Who we are
Our beliefs
Making winners

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